{30 Days Postpartum} Week 2 Recap

{30 Days Postpartum} Week 2 Recap

I have survived 14 days total as a mom! And more important than that, our daughter has survived it too! 😛

This week has had its bumps, but overall I feel like its gone a bit smoother than week one… that’s for sure! This week was all about conquering fears, sharing the highs, and talking about the lows. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that we have a schedule down yet, but we are all getting used to each other and I’m starting to get Lilith’s hints as to what her needs are. This has helped my outlook and attitude SO DAMN MUCH this week. I know that I won’t have the answers every time, but it feels great to know I’m at least going in the right direction.

It’s so amazing what motherhood teaches you about yourself in SUCH a short amount of time.

In addition, one thing I’m especially grateful for this week is the community of women we have over at the Confident Fitness & Lifestyle facebook page. It’s been incredible sharing my daily experiences with you all, and it’s been even better hearing your stories of new mommy-hood as well. More than that though, it’s also been really refreshing that a group of women from around the world can come together, bond over our experiences, learn from each other, and support one another as well!

It just proves to me that our tribe is out there, we just needed to find each other. And thank god I have found all of you!

Day 8:


First family walk today! It was slow and not too far, but we did it! ??

Can you tell how pumped I was just to take a few steps out of my house? ?

The outdoors have always done amazing things to center me and help clear my mind, which I’ve needed more then ever the last week.

Bonus: slow walks are also great to reduce stress causing hormones.


Day 9:

Baby’s first trip to the lake!

Truth be told, this first outing scared the shit out of me. Fear is a mofo, especially of the unknown…

What if she screams the entire time? What if she won’t calm down? What if we miss a nap? What if she blows out her diaper?

Fear, fear, and more fear.

But part of her growing up in a healthy household is having a “selfish” mom and dad that continue to do the things they loved to do before she was born.

So, with that as my motivation, I kicked fear aside and to the lake we went!

And you know what? It wasn’t that bad at all. She barfed all over herself when we got there, but we were armed with an extra outfit so it was no big deal. She also calmed down and napped as soon as I wrapped her in the Moby, so we got a solid hour of lake time in before she woke up and we decided to head home.

Take that, fear.

Day 10:

Placenta pill time!

Yep, you heard me right. I’m that crazy lady that had my placenta dried, ground, and put into pills.

It’s not that hippy… Is it? ?

They claim that it can help with damn near everything, but I chose to do it for the hormone support/PPD.

And you know what? Days that I forget to take them I am way more weepy.

Placebo effect? Maybe. But hey, it works for me!

What’s the most taboo thing you’ve done postpartum?

Day 11:

When your nursing infant reaches back and holds on tight to your finger…

That’s what makes the stretch marks and c section scar worth it.

That’s what makes the sleep deprived nights and dark under eye circles worth it.

That’s what makes sore nipples and spit up stained clothes worth it.

Moments like this make it all worth it.


Day 12:

Forget the glamorous “got my body back” after baby posts.

Forget the “everything is going amazing and I’m so happy” posts.

Even forget the cute sleeping baby posts.

Because real life is this: no makeup, hair a mess, and in pajamas covered in spit up that just shot out of your kid’s nose and down your bra.

… Still wouldn’t trade it for the world though.

Day 13:


… The “baby blues”…

At the doctor yesterday, they asked if I had been unusually emotional since having a baby. My reply?

Um, yeah.

“We’ll go ahead and diagnose you with the baby blues then”, the nurse replied.

Wait a minute. Let me get this straight…

I have surgery to bring a new life into this world. And just like that, I am instantaneously changed for life. My heart has never felt so full, but other areas have never felt so empty.

Sleep. Self care. My relationship. Attention to our pets. Loss of routine. My independence. And let’s not forget my hormones. They’ve all taken a temporary hit as I try to figure out what being a mom looks like for me right now.

So yes, I’m teary. Yes, I cry. Because it’s been a HUGE damn life change.

But blue? No. I am not “blue”. I hate that they even use that phrase anymore. Because those with PPD deserve the dignity of a real diagnosis, not just called “blue”.

Am I blue? Do I have PPD? I don’t think so.

But what I am is a woman embarking on a new, exciting, but scary AF chapter of my life.

Pardon me if I get teary over that.


Day 14:

Photo on the left: 2 days postpartum. Photo on the right: 2 weeks postpartum (taken yesterday).

I’ve gone from 191 lbs pregnant to 167 lbs as of yesterday.

Am I back down to pre-pregnancy weight?

No freaking clue. I ditched the scale LONG before getting pregnant. Truth be told, I only know my weight now because they measure you at the doctors.

Instead of pounds on the scale, I want to focus on my energy on safe and effective core recovery for my post c-section body.

It’ll be slow. And sometimes it might even be painful. But I owe it to my body to give it time and treat it right.

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