Hi, I’m Kenna!

I’m a personal trainer and online fitness coach (B.Sci. Health & Fitness, NASM-CPT, ME Certified Hormonal Fat Loss Coach).

But like you, I’ve felt frustrated and ashamed about myself because I was always failing at the diets and struggled seeing any difference in my body. 

After the birth of my daughter two years ago, I had enough.

What had worked in the past wasn’t working, and I was tired of feeling like crap. I knew I had to do something because it wasn’t just about me anymore… my daughter deserved to have a fun, energetic mom who could teach her healthy habits around food and how love her body.

Instead, she had a cranky, hangry mom who feared food and hated the skin she was in and was no role model.

That was then, this is now.

It was only when I stopped following the crowd and started focusing on how my body responded to food that it all became easy.

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