When You Told Me You Hated Your Body: An Open Letter

Today, you told me that you hate your body.

I had to replay what you said in my mind over and over again, because there was no way I thought it could be true. You? Hate your body? What for?

Not because I don’t get it – as I woman, I understand. There are all things that we wish we could change about ourselves. But as your friend, I would have never guessed that you hate yourself. And that made me sad…

I’m sad because you don’t see all the things that I admire about you, because if you did there’s no way you’d hate yourself.

Your bright smile; your big eyes; your kick ass sense of humor; your kindness; your skin; your intelligence. All freaking awesome. And that list could go on and on.

But more than that, I see a woman who is brave. Yes, brave. 

Brave because you shared your biggest insecurity. Brave because you came out there and said it. Brave because you’re looking for a way to love yourself. Brave because, deep down, you know that you deserve that. And brave because saying exactly how you feel is the start to that journey. You, my friend, are brave.

And so I’m hopeful for you.

I hope that you continue along this path of soul searching and rebuilding so that you can one day say that you love yourself, flaws and all. Because no one is perfect. But that’s not the point. It’s when we embrace our imperfections that we truly become the most powerful versions of ourselves.

So, no, I don’t want you to work your ass off trying to be perfect, but I do hope you work your ass off to accept everything the universe has given to you, good and bad. Because you, my dear, are one kick ass chick. You deserve to know that, and I’ll be here to remind you every chance I get.

Your friend,


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