? I’ve been keeping a secret from you… about 8 weeks ago, I hired a coach. ?

Yep, I have a college degree in Exercise Science, have been certified personal trainer for 10 years, and have coached thousands of women in my career. ??

But I still hired a coach.

I know I know what to do. I can write myself a workout program with my eyes shut. I even have a full working studio gym in my fucking house! ?? But the thing is, I’m still human. I have days where my motivation is low, I let life BS get in my way, and I have a hard time stepping out of my comfort zone. ?

At first, I didn’t want to hire help. I felt ashamed. ? Like WTF, Kenna, you help women every damn day push through the same bullshit you’re letting get in your way. But when you have other priorities – hello, work, kid, home, clients, life – it’s so easy to let other things take my time and my energy. 

So I hired a coach.

I did my research. ? I went where I knew I would be able to be pushed and actually LEARN something. Truthfully, it was fucking scary at first. Which is also super funny because I’ve worked and lived in this industry my entire adult life. But still walking through those doors and being a “beginner” – fuck, I had butterflies. ? And also a new found respect for the women that reach out to me every day to help them.

Because asking for help is fucking hard. ? Like, really hard. It’s admitting a weakness. Like saying that I can’t, in fact, do it all. And no one, especially me, wants to admit that. But once we get out of our own damn way, the world opens up. ? There are connections, community, support, and challenge which will all push us to be a better version of ourselves. And when we’re better for ourselves, we’re better for others. I didn’t know any of this before.

But then I hired a coach.

And it’s been fucking AMAZING. ?? I’ve already been mentally and physically pushed passed the limits I set on myself. My comfort zone is long gone. ?? And I’ve been able to do some pretty badass shit with a barbell I was too scared of doing before. ??‍♀️

My point being: we all need a coach. Even coaches need to be coached.

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