Yes, I can be your Trainer… no matter where you live! 

If you’ve reached this page, CONGRATS!

You know that you’ve avoided this area of your life for long enough and are ready to make a change.

You’ve spent years pouring yourself into your career, marriage, family, and activities. When others talk about you, they describe you as “having it all” (even if hearing that makes your cringe)You love your life, but there’s one thing you can’t quite seem to get together… Your health.

Your body. Your energy. Your weight. Your eating.

And how all of that ^^^ fits into your current {busy} lifestyle.

Erin’s Results:

“Before talking with Kenna, I was lost, helpless, scared. I just thought this was how it was going to be. I was taken advantage of by so many other trainers. I felt like no one was listening to me, that they were just putting me into the same category as others who are overweight. They just saw dollar signs and weren’t invested in me.

I was uncomfortable, lost, and didn’t feel worthy of anything.

I had secretly always wanted to work with Kenna, but was afraid to invest the money. I honestly wasn’t sure it was worth it — I wasn’t sure I was worth it. 

I thought I could find the same solution that was more budget-friendly, but it wasn’t. Instead, it was the gateway to this wormhole of buy this, buy that. And there was no accountability, no checking in. Just “See you at your training session next week next week”. What the hell? 1 hour of exercise isn’t going to undo everything else I was doing.

So I reached out to Kenna, and that’s the moment I realized I was worth it. 

My health is worth it, my kids are worth it, my husband is worth it. My kids deserve a better version of me, I deserve having a better version of me… so on the phone I told Kenna fuck it, let’s do this.

I was nervous, but right after I hung up with her I felt this HUGE weight off my shoulders. I had happy tears. I felt like someone actually listened to me, was in my corner, and was rooting for me. I instantly felt like someone gave a damn about me with Kenna.”

-- Erin, MI

You want to be the woman who makes herself healthy meals, goes to the gym, confidently gets dressed every morning, and has enough energy at the end of the day to have fun with her spouse and family.

…But, despite your previous efforts, you just can’t seem to make it click.

You’ve tried the diets.

(And couldn’t maintain them)

You’ve tried making new habits.

(And couldn’t maintain them)

You’ve tried losing weight.

(And couldn’t maintain it)

And now you’re burnt out. I mean, who wouldn’t be?

Especially when you’re so used to having your shit together in, what seems like, literally every other aspect of your life… why is it that you just can’t get your health together? Whether you admit it or not, you carry some shame around that. So you hide.

You hide out of the pictures.

You hide behind baggy clothes.

You hide on the elliptical in the back.

You hide from your partner by shutting the lights off.

You hide in your busy schedule.

Liz’s Results:

First of all, I come from the generation of “No pain, no gain.” Eat less, work out more. Fitness is just part of my family life. However, I struggle with my weight. I’ve tried every diet known, I work out like crazy and I just can’t seem to get down any further. I just wanted to lose one more pant size but something is missing.

I cannot even express how much Kenna has helped me restructure my thinking. Remember the “No pain, no gain” collegiate athlete family??? Well, having my trainer tell me, “You work out too much and you’re not giving your body enough fuel to function” has been MIND BLOWING. I am now on a journey to first have a strong physical foundation.

Kenna has taken the guess work out of this for me. With her expertise, she has given me a workout program tailored to get me strong and healthy. I can guarantee Kenna’s program is more than you’ll receive from most trainers. She’s not just there for the 30-60 minute session. I feel I have her whenever I need her.

-- Liz, WA

On the outside, you’re hiding. On the inside, you’re freaking out.

You know if you continue this way, your future isn’t pretty. Maybe you’ve even seen this at play with your own parents and secretly worry you’re on the same path.

Yet still you’re so busy giving everyone in your life so much, you’re not sure how much of you’ll have left to give yourself. You’re afraid that if you continue down this path, you won’t be there for your kids one day or worse, pass these habits down to them.

That shit’s scary.

Trust me when I say I get the fear. But if I’m not upfront and 100% transparent with you to help you face those fears… you won’t get the full transformation you deserve. And that’s the truth right now.

Here’s the good news: It’s not too late to get your body, health, weight, and lifestyle on track.

Right now, you don’t need…

  • Another fad-diet that everyone is talking about, and you can’t help but feel tempted by.
  • The latest diet book written by a celebrity who gets paid to look good, with their own personal chef on hand.
  • To join more group fitness classes that make you feel weird and uncomfortable. Or worse, just repeat the same workouts that leave you totally bored.  
  • Another personal trainer who uses the same workout for all of their clients. (Yep, I’ve seen it happen.)
  • More expensive supplements or pills that are hard to choke down, so end up take up space in your pantry or cupboards collecting dust.
  • More time on a treadmill AKA dreadmill, with little to show for your hours of effort.
  • To waste any more hours on google doing research only to be totally convinced you have a rare disease, allergy, or sickness that’s causing your lack of weight loss (thanks for nothing, WebMD).
  • Another lecture from your doctor about your weight or one more session with a nutritionist who’s going to tell you what you already know.
  • To rush to your phone before going to bed at night to make sure you’ve counted every calorie for the day in your tracker.

what you actually need is…


  • An overall strategy that is completely customized and made for your body, goals, and lifestyle in mind.
  • An approach that allows you to actually feel GOOD while eating the foods you love. So good that you’ll never cringe when you hear the word “diet” again!
  • A plan to always be prepared for your meals without using all of your already {limited} time.
  • Someone who is not afraid to call you out on your own shit when it’s affecting your progress and giving you the accountability you need.
  • A workout program you can feel confident doing that’s not only made for where you are right now but will take you to where you want to be, safely and effectively, created by a fitness professional who has worked with thousands of women throughout the past 10 years.
  • Someone who can support you through all the “in between” stuff no one else talks about — mindset, lifestyle, injuries, mom guilt, obstacles, excuses — because she’s been down this path before and knows how to successfully navigate around them.

Imagine if you could change your life in 3 months…

See yourself in the dressing room slipping on those clothes in a smaller size, and smiling back at yourself in the mirror with confidence.

Picture how your life would be when you have enough energy to not only kick ass at work and have fun with your family, but also still have energy to take care of your needs at the end of the day.

Visualize your friends and coworkers asking you what you’ve done and wanting to know all the details because even they’ve noticed the difference in how you look and feel, too.

Consider how this could reignite your relationship with your husband, because you finally feel comfortable {and damn sexy} in your skin again.

Imagine how much time, effort, and energy you would have left over to pursue your passions, hobbies, and dreams when you have a clear, custom plan. 

… and then imagine maintaining these results for a LIFETIME, because as your coach it’s my goal to make sure you don’t need me forever.

Sarah’s Results:

After years of trying everything under the sun to lose weight, I had just about given up. But then I met Kenna. I’ll be honest that I wasn’t expecting anything to change, but having her there to support and guide me through a custom program has turned everything around. I’m now seeing the results I’ve wanted and am having FUN doing it.

-- Sarah, MI

Ready to get past what’s failed you in the past to get your life back? Then let’s chat! Send me an email telling me how I can help you.

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