The healthiest version of you is here.

You know your “before”, now picture your badass “after”…

Having the energy to make memories with your family AND the confidence to be included in the pics.

Sliding your wedding ring on easily for the first time in months. 

Looking in the mirror and not only recognizing the body looking back at you but loving what you see.

Having healthy eating habits your entire family can get on board with.

Finally buttoning those jeans you’ve hung onto for years and rocking them often.

Being the healthy example that your kids need and deserve. 

And even better, imagine being at your “after” easily and FOREVER.

{ Dang that feels good, doesn’t it? }


You’ve seen what you’ve been capable of in the past and right now, you just can’t force yourself to do it the way you have before. 

 You’ve tried all the popular diets out there… Weight Watchers, 21 Day Fix, Keto, counting calories… yet none of them stuck after the initial timeline.

Sure, you had some good success when you first started them… lost some weight, started feeling better, and getting those “You look great!” comments. 

But none of them were IT.

At some point

You got sick and tired of cooking separate meals for yourself, eating the same boring and restrictive foods over and over again, and wasting money buying more crap supplements they convinced you you HAD to have in order to stay successful. 

So you stopped, and so did those “You look great!” comments… 

And imma call it out… if we’re getting REALLY honest here, there’s something much deeper happening.

You never thought you would let yourself get here – gaining and getting out of control – and you know this isn’t the example you want to be for your kids.

You know your habits need to change, but at the same time… you’re afraid.

Afraid that this will be just one more thing you’ve tried that didn’t work for you…

Afraid of spending the money on yourself because you’re doubtful.

And afraid of what downward spiral your health will go if it doesn’t work.

Deep inside, you don’t want to end up with failing health like your parents.

You want to be able to be there for your kids, and your grandkids, for a long time. But those fears? They’ve held you back.

Sound too close too home?

Then girl, keep reading because this is for YOU.

You might not have known this but your fears have kept you stuck by showing up as ALL of your excuses…. like you’re “too busy”, you “don’t have the money”, and “you’ve tried it all”. 

When in reality, you know you would 100% make the time AND no doubt find the cash to drop on a plan that would help you lose weight easily and maintain it forever. No brainer. 

And you also secretly know it’s total BS that you’ve “tried it all”…

Because you’ve never tried this before.

Become the healthiest version of you with Rebel30

Not only will Rebel30 reshape your body by teaching you the right foods to eat and when, but in the process you’ll also learn how to maintain that weight loss… easily and forever.

YES! Even if…

You’re short on time.

Have picky eaters in the family.

Struggle to find motivation.

Feel like you’ve tried it all before.


Have you ever heard that quote about give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime?

Well, give a woman a boring, restrictive diet and she’ll eat until she’s sick of it. 

Teach a woman how to properly diet for her body and she’ll lose weight and stay with it for a lifetime…


“My body has never felt better- the bloating is gone and I don’t feel like I’m “on a diet”. I enjoy food probably more now that I changed my way of eating because I’m fueling my body instead of feeding it crap. I wanted to try this because it just made sense. The results go beyond the pounds and inches I’ve lost- the knowledge and the lifestyle change is priceless.”


Rebel30 was made for the women out there who are ready to stop making excuses and start taking back control, building SIMPLE and healthy eating habits, and losing weight easily by listening to their bodies. 

It is for women who are ready to get their energy back. Who are sick and tired of living in the fog of caffeine, junk food, and food-driven mom guilt. 

It is for women who are ready to be their healthiest selves so they can set the example for their kids and be there for their grandkids one day too.

It is for the women who are ready to REBEL against stop/start dieting and become the healthiest version of themselves, forever.

Rebel30 is the only 3-phase nutrition program that is designed around the body you have and the body you WANT. 

You’ll easily learn how to eat for your body so you can lose weight while building healthy habits you can maintain forever.


With a food list made for your body type + a simple formula to track, your results will fall into place.

Success with Rebel30 is as easy as counting to 15… no, really!

“Rebel30 appealed to me because it looked like I could fit it into our busy life (single mom of 6). It did and does! I call it a meal plan not a diet because it’s not restrictive like what comes to mind when people say diet. 

I have more energy now than I have in years without drinking a pot of coffee and I’m more in touch with how what I eat affects my body than I ever have been in my life. I feel great! I can run up the stairs at work now! Before I had to stop at the top because I was so out of breath. And I’m down 16lbs!”


I created this program for busy moms like myself who need the MOST change in the LEAST amount of time possible.


Here’s how it works…

Phase 1 is all about you and your body. What foods should you eat to boost your weight loss? How often should you eat for your specific body type? What should your meals and snacks look like? By the end of Phase 1, you’ll have those answers AND both the tools and the right plan to make it even easier.

Phase 2 is where the rubber meets the road and you start seeing {and feeling} results. You’ll begin by following your body’s specific meal plan and learn the signals your body is telling you in real time so that you’ll know exactly how your transformation is happening – leaving nothing to guess work!

Phase 3 is where it all comes full circle. Complete your transformation from bloated, sluggish, and struggling to energized, confident, and kicking a$$ and learn how to make it last FOREVER.


Here’s everything you get when you start Rebel30…

Rebel30 Rebel Type Test 

Know the most about your body and take the guesswork out of what to eat with this simple 5 minute test.

Rebel30 Approved PLAN

No more guessing, get it all in front of you in black and white. This plan will make becoming your healthiest self even easier by giving you all the foods, guidelines, tips, and tricks to eat for your body… but without tracking calories, taking a ton of time, or eliminating food groups. 

Rebel30 Food Tracking PDF

Quickly track how your body is responding to the foods your eating so you know if it’s working or not without spending hours counting calories or measuring and weighing foods. 

Rebel30 Troubleshooting Guide

To help you navigate around what would have thrown you off track before. Know exactly how to handle cravings, dips in motivation, and hunger. 

Rebel30 results Tracker PDF 

Because that’s what we’re here for… right? I’ll walk you through exactly how to properly measure your progress along the way (hint: it’s NOT how you’ve been doing it before!). Your drop-dead after photos are closer than you think!

Rebel30 video trainings for each phase

From a mom who knows that time matters, simplify the process with me as your coach walking you through each phase of Rebel30. Each video is less than 15 minutes, easy to follow, and can be watched or listened to while you’re on the move. 

Rebel30 Members-only facebook group

You are NO LONGER alone in this journey. This group is your spot with your people that will support and cheer you on along the way.


Save the cost of the program with this FREE BONUS guide. Keep scrolling for details! 

“I always thought I knew what healthy eating was but just didn’t have the willpower to follow through with it. I ate seemingly healthy meals but caved on sweets all the time and couldn’t handle the hunger and cravings I would get between meals.

After learning about my Rebel Type, I have been able to drastically improve my diet in a way that leaves me full, happy, thinner, and feeling great!

The best part is that the whole plan is pretty simple to follow and I can keep following it fairly consistently most of the time, so that when I do want to splurge on something now and then, I do so with zero guilt and no stress about it throwing off my results.”



If you were to see me ONCE a week in the gym, you would expect to pay $792 over the next two months alone.

However, that’s not a possibility for everyone and I want to give women just like you the opportunity to experience the same results my clients have been seeing for YEARS.


But since we had to put a number on it, Rebel30 typically retails for $997.

BUT… {and a BIG BUT here}…

I’m looking for the right women to start Rebel30 as Founding Members that will make amazing before and after stories.

If that’s you, then I’m inviting you to start Rebel30 for a limited time for just $227! 



Save over $700 AND have a killer before & after?

I made this program for busy moms who want to change their lives, because I too am a busy mom who made that change once before. I know what it’s like to have a plan but have to push it back because life happens. That’s why I made the Kenna Fit Commitment: lifetime access to Rebel30 when you join now. 

Kid gets sick? No problem, Rebel30 will be there for you when they’re healthy again. Family obligations come up? Rebel30 will be there. Life just get crazy hectic? Rebel30 will still be there for you. 

Join Rebel30 once, and you have it forever.

All the updates, edits, and new information I bring will be yours for LIFE. No extra charge.

And who am I BTW?…

Hi, I’m Kenna.

 On paper I’m a Health Science major, personal trainer, and certified nutrition coach.

 But in real life, like you, I’ve felt frustrated because I was always failing at the diets and struggled seeing any difference in my body. After the birth of my daughter in 2016, I had enough… 

 I was 30 pounds overweight, a lot for my 5’2” frame. What had worked in the past wasn’t working, and I was tired of feeling like crap.

I knew I had to do something because it wasn’t just about me anymore… my daughter deserved to have a fun, energetic mom who could teach her healthy habits. Instead, she had a cranky, hangry mom who hated the skin she was in.

I was not the example my girl deserved… and that’s when I knew I HAD to change.

When I rebelled, everything changed.

It was only when I stopped following the crowd and started focusing on my body and habits that it clicked…

I lost 30 pounds easier than I ever thought possible, have the healthiest habits and relationship habits with food I’ve ever had, and have kept it off effortlessly since.

Where before I was struggling to stay consistent, felt like a stranger in my body, and had zero energy to workouts I used to love… now I am active with my adventurous family, look and feel damn good, and even have enough energy to pick up CrossFit again.

And it wasn’t just me…

I started using this same eating approach with clients and *lightbulb moment* they started seeing dramatic results easily too! That’s when my second baby, Rebel30, was born. I couldn’t keep it to myself! 

The best part? It can be easier than you’ve ever imagined when you join Rebel30.

PSSST: I’m not done there…


How would it feel to save $227 on food in your first month of Rebel30? It’s possible…

When you join Rebel30, you’ll get exclusive access to my guide 27 Ways to Save $227 on Groceries This Month.

I know how hard it can be to spend money on yourself. Especially if you’re unsure if it’ll work. But what if I could tell you could make up the cost of joining Rebel30 with just a few simple tips? 

Hell yes you can. 

That’s why you’ll get a FREE copy of my guide, 27 Simple Ways to Save $227 on Groceries this Month. 

The name says it all… this guide will wipe away any guilt you might have for spending money on yourself with Rebel30 because it will show you how to make that money back before we even start! HELL YES.

Waive money/mom-guilt goodbye by saving the cost of the program with this guide!



You know you deserve this


Is it a diet?

Yes and no. Yes because you’ll know exactly what to and not to eat and no because the word “diet” makes me cringe and brings forth thoughts of never eating the foods you love ever again (NOT what I’m about).

I like to think of Rebel30 more of a diet strategy or nutrition plan, because it’s completely customized to your body. You’ll learn so dang much about your body and how food affects it, but can also apply these strategies to real-world scenarios so you don’t ever feel like you’re missing out the way most of us feel on a traditional “diet”.

What’s the difference between this and other diets or working with a Dietician?

Nothing out there tackles long term results like Rebel30 does. Other diets or plans from Dietitian’s aren’t customized for your body… they’re either black and white guidelines or generic food-pyramid plans they expect you to blindly follow.

And accountability? Forget it unless you pay more. NOT with Rebel30. You’ll get the plan your body needs, the accountability to follow through with it, and the tools, access, and support you’ll need to maintain your weight loss forever.

Is it ok to do while I’m breastfeeding?

Yep! Rebel30 will NOT require you to cut calories like crazy or practice any other extremes that will affect your milk supply (which, as a former BF mama myself, I know is so important to you).

What will I need to buy to participate?

Just your one-time membership to Rebel30, that’s it. No supplements, no tupperware, or anything else is required to do the program.

What about workouts? Is that covered?

Unless you joined during the 10 Minute Transformation Bonus, no… workouts are not covered. But here’s the thing: you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. 

I see women make this mistake all the time: starting workouts while leaving there eating habits to crap, then getting frustrated they still feel terrible and aren’t seeing results. The truth is, your diet accounts for 80% of your results, workouts just 20%. So even though workouts are not covered in Rebel30… it’ll take you a lot farther. 

How much time will this take?

Binge it Netflix-style in less than a day, or take it week by week. Rebel30 was made for busy women… watch while you’re cooking dinner, listen on your commute, or take notes on your lunch break. This program was made to fit your lifestyle.

I feel like I've tried everything under the sun and am still... here. How do I know this will work for me?

The truth? You haven’t tried everything if you haven’t joined Rebel30 yet. It will work if you put in the work. This is so so different than any other diet out there – that’s what makes it so special – but it will only work if you are ready to roll up your sleeves, follow along each phase, and have a little faith to trust the process.

It’s new, and new can be scary. I get it.

But what if this will work for you? What if this is the last thing you ever need to try again? Imagine your “after”… now think of how much regret you’d have if you didn’t go for it.

What happens after I join?

After you join Rebel30, you’ll get an email welcoming you to the program and linking you to the Private Facebook group. Then mark your calendars for Sunday, October 6th, when you’ll get FULL access to the entire Rebel30 program and all fast-act bonuses you’re eligible for! 

I don’t eat meat. Will this still work for me?

Totally! In the program I teach you what will work not only for your body but also for your lifestyle, meat-less eaters included.





You can expect to…

have the most energy

You’ve ever had so you can do all the things you’ve dreamed of.

Feel so damn good

About what you see in the mirror.

Wear the clothes you want

And finally feel comfortable in them.

Have healthy eating habits

Your whole family can be on board with.

Never waste any more money 

On diet fads and supplements set up to make you fail.

Have a healthy relationship

with food — and your body — forever.

Be the example

You know your kids deserve.

“Before Rebel30 I never paid attention to what I ate. I always told myself that since I was considered average weight I didn’t need to worry about it. However, I didn’t like the way I felt; always tired and craving junk food.

Now I have stopped drinking pop (which I used to drink daily), I have more energy, and I know what food choices to make for my meals and snacks. Before, I hadn’t been able to lose weight no matter what “diets” I have tried and now I am almost 7 pounds lighter! I feel better than I’ve felt in years!”


You don’t have to stay confused, frustrated, and hating what you see in the mirror.

You can be vibrant, energetic, and fit with zero fears about willpower, motivation, or falling off track ever again.

Get that killer “after” body you know you deserve

& the healthy future you know your family deserves with Rebel30. 

Disclaimer: This program is designed for educational purposes only, and you follow it at your own risk. You are an adult and are capable of determining what will and will not work for your body. I have done my best to prepare you to eat the best for your body, but please speak with your physician before starting any diet program, especially if you are at a higher risk for illnesses. McKenna Montcalm and Kenna Fit LLC assume no risk for your voluntary participation in this program.

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