The Secret to Willpower

Let’s talk about a little something something known as willpower. And I’m not talking just any willpower, I’m talking specifically about DIET willpower.

Who wishes they had more? If you nodded your head, said I do, or thought oh hell yes, then you need to keep reading

When it comes to dieting, people always seem to blame willpower for their failures…

  • I wish I had control around those tortilla chips
  • If only I wasn’t craving ice cream at night
  • If I even look at bread it’s over
  • I was doing so good, why did I eat everything in the pantry?

Ultimately, we blame ourselves and our willpower. We tell ourselves we should’ve done better, blame ourselves for falling off the wagon, and tell ourselves that the next time we start this diet, we’re going to do it. We’re going to get the willpower to fucking do this shit!

So we try and then we fail. Again. And we blame our willpower (or lack of it) for our failure, our binges, and our weight gain. We constantly think we need more of it, but can never seem to find it.

But what if I told you willpower wasn’t the problem?

That the whole “if only I had more willpower I would succeed with my diet” was complete BULLSHIT? And yes those all caps on BULLSHIT were necessary, because that’s what the diet willpower belief is.

The truth is that we don’t need more willpower, we need LESS of it. How the hell could that be??

We need a diet that makes willpower a non-issue. That fills us up, gives us endless energy with zero crashing, deprivation, or cravings. And this isn’t too good to be true. This diet exists. I know because I’m on it.

And while we’re at it, let’s go ahead and ditch the word diet. Because this way of eating isn’t a diet, it’s literally just a way of eating to achieve our weight loss goals while keeping our hunger, energy, and cravings in check. So we don’t have cravings. We don’t NEED to have all the sugar and all the carbs. We don’t NEED to get more strict.

Because we’re eating specifically for our individual metabolisms. We know what our body works best on, what our triggers are, what to eat when, and how to adjust it if we need to so we can avoid the whole willpower blame game.

It’s not about a juice or a shake or measuring and weighing your food and stuffing it in tiny containers. It’s about identifying what your body works best on & eating for it. No willpower required.

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