Why “I’ll just start on Monday” never works…

Why “I’ll just start on Monday” never works…

“I’ll start on Monday.”

How many of us have thought or said that before?

We need to get our shit together. To eat better and exercise more. We get ourselves pumped up about all the results we’re going to see. We make the rules, chart the diets, plan the workouts. And then we say we’ll wait until Monday to start.

In the meantime, we’ll be lazy AF and stuff our faces with as many fried, carb loaded, sugar filled, fatty, terrible for us foods as possible. But it’s ok, because on Monday, we’ll turn things around. We’ll do a 180. We’ll go from terrible habits to a strict diet and exercise plan. And we plan on doing so successfully, literally overnight.

Newsflash: it never works.

If the “I’ll just wait until Monday game” isn’t setting ourselves up for failure, I don’t know what is.

But that’s what happens with the all or nothing mentality trap many of us women fall into when it comes to our eating and exercise. Which cracks me the F up because we never have these strict expectations for others like we do for ourselves.

We never expect our spouses to go from ass holes to pure romantics on Mondays. We never plan for our kids to go from crazy jelly-faced monsters to clean and perfect angels magically on Monday. We never expect our girlfriends to go from barely holding their shit together to having found the meaning of life on Mondays. So why do we expect such an overnight switch in ourselves?

Crazy, unrealistic, perfection possessed expectations… That’s why starting on Mondays never works.

So if Mondays fail us, how do we let go of these insane expectations and start seeing some consistent results?

First, accept the fact that we’re not perfect. And we’ll never be, but that’s ok. A perfect life is not a fun life, let it go.

Second, see the glass as half full. Just because we can’t do everything doesn’t mean we can’t do something… and something is ALWAYS better than nothing.

Third, do something RIGHT NOW. Anything that will help you get to your goal today. No matter big or small, just get that shit done before the day is over.

And finally, fuck Mondays. Real change happens every day, not just on Mondays. Don’t let the chance to see change slip you by because you have to have a designated day in which to be perfect.

Monday is not a make or break day… it’s just a day on a calendar. Treat it like no other. 

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