#workoutwednesday Mommy & Me Workout!

 There are times I want to workout but Lilith is NOT having it. So instead of skipping it all together, I get her involved! She and I both have a blast, I get in a workout, and she gets to be around a happy healthy mom. #win

Repeat the following exercises circuit style, one after the other. Rest when needed and repeat the circuit 3 times total!

Squat & press – keep chest lifted and shoulders back. Send hips back, bend the knees and sink to squat. Keep baby close to you for support, then as you lift from the squat, lift them up overhead. Inhale as you lower, exhale and pull the belly button in and up as you lift.

Chest press – lay on the ground and plant the feet on the ground firmly. Hold baby over chest and lift up and down, keeping elbows in tight to your sides. Inhale as you lower, exhale as you press and engage belly button.

Lunge & twist – hold baby close, take one step forward, bending both knees to come to a lunge (90 degree bend in front and back knee). Keep baby close and twist towards the front leg, exhaling and pulling belly button in and up. Keep length in the spine as you go. 

Plank chase – set baby on ground and come to a plank position on hands and toes, one straight line from you heels to your head, belly button engaged and glutes squeezed to support the lower back. Keep hips low as you chase baby! Stop when you cannot maintain good form (or when baby runs into the cameraman, aka her dad ?).

*Disclaimer – always get permission from your doctor before exercising. This routine is meant for those mamas that have a healthy core and floor connection. Modify as needed. And if your baby is unhappy while you do this, set them down and grab some dumbbells instead!

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